about jewitches

founded in 2020, jewitches was created to honor the magic, mysticism, and practice found within Judaism. A play on words (jewish + witches), Zo decided it was the perfect name for everything they were doing. Growing up in the world of jewitches, with two practicing parents, the mystical was a part of her every day life. when she came across spiritual communities online, Zo realized that there was something missing: a space for Jewish practitioners, witches, mystics, sages, and more. 

in 2021, Jewitches launched the shop: a place to find all the things a jewitch could ever want, featuring unique and vintage pieces.

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meet zo

born into a Jewish family, Zo was always surrounded by mysticism and magic.


at 21, she set out to create accessible spaces for Jews to return to and learn about the magic found within Judaism, thus, Jewitches was born. 

Zo lives in Los Angeles with her partner and their two very spoiled cats

image by Vlasta



I am always happy to hear about collaborations, ideas, or answer questions.