shop questions

How long before I get my order?

As Jewitches is run by just one person, allow for 2-10 days of processing before shipping out. Once shipped, you will receive tracking for your purchase.

Are you sustainable?

Sustainable is a bit of a buzzward, so we try to be transparent about our efforts: All Jewitches packaging is recycleable as well as reusable. Our "filler" material is made of junk mail and other paper materials heading to the dumpster. Once in your hands, you can reuse, recycle, burn, or compost as you please.
We also include as few printed materials as possible to cut down on un-needed waste. We are constantly updating to continue growing as a company in the safest way possible.

Can you carry my product?

We are extremely excited to work with artisans. Feel free to reach out to us about your product and we'll see if it has a place in the shop!

general questions

I'm patrilineal/ethnically jewish and want to practice, can I?

I preface this with the fact that I am not a rabbi or spiritual authority. My opinions are formed through conversations with my communities. In the end, it is up to you. According to "traditional" interpretations of Jewish law (Halacha/Halakha), Jewish religious identity is passed down through the maternal lineage. There are some movements that accept patrilineal Jews without conversion, while other movements do not. This means that in some situations, a patrilineal Jew may not be considered Jewish by some Jews. As a result, some patrilineal Jews, especially those who were not raised in Judaism, choose to go through the conversion process. Conversion does take time, but it gives some patrilineal Jews the chance to learn everything they didn't get a chance to learn growing up. It is also helpful in removing the feeling of imposter syndrome that some people may feel. In the end, whether or not you practice is entirely up to you. I, nor anyone, cannot make that decision for you. This is specific to people with patrilineal heritage or non-practicing parents. For heritage that is further back (1 grandparent, etc, read the next one)

Am I Jewish?

You might be! It is important to note that "Jewish DNA" does not automatically make you part of the Jewish community. Commonly accepted halakha, as mentioned above, requires you to have a Jewish maternal line. However, finding out you had ancestry wouldn't change that. For many people, the two options are as follows: 1. conversion or 2. sticking to having Jewish heritage, rather than becoming part of the Jewish community through conversion. This would not change your heritage. Being Jewish is being part of a peoplehood. You can be Jewish without practicing Judaism, but you cannot practice Judaism without being part of the peoplehood. Obviously, there are massively diverse experiences within the Jewish community. These answers are generalized and may not pertain to you. This is when you contact a rabbi.

Is Judaism a closed religion / practice?

Yes, like all Jewish things, it is debated as some people prefer the term semi-closed, but it is generally understood that it is a closed religion as in order to practice Judaism, you must be Jewish. The only ways to be Jewish are to be born into it or to convert (initiate). Our practices are therefore closed.

Are converts "fully Jewish" and can they practice?


Why do you use the word witch/witchcraft?

First and foremost, I like the word. Many Jewish people rebuke the word witch as it was often used to oppress Jewish people, even those who did not partake in mysticism. Many people who do the same thing that I do call themselves Jewish practitioners, mystics, sages, or just simply "Jewish". There is a long history of witchcraft in Judaism, but it is not always spoken about by that name. I often use the craft or the practice to denote my personal workings. As a Jewish woman, I feel a strong kinship with a word so steeped in history, but that is not the case for everyone. Witch is a self-identifier and you should not feel obligated to use it. Perhaps I will one day come across a better word, and if I do, I'll let you know.

You didn't answer my question here!

Not to worry, you can always contact me through the contact button.